Performance Opportunities


Every student at the Virtuoso Suzuki Academy is required to perform in a solo recital at least once a year. Recitals substitute for examinations and give students the opportunity to demonstrate their progress. They also give the faculty a chance to assess the results of their teaching.

‘Sunday Soiree’ is an open performance class

In addition to standing as an evaluation tool for students and faculty’s teaching, performing in public is essential to the overall development of the young musician. Recitals help children learn how to prepare and polish pieces. The children gain confidence and self-knowledge from these experiences.
Held on a Sunday once every two months, this is a great opportunity for students of all ages and all instruments to perform their piece for each other in a relaxed concert setting. There is no better way to wear off your nerves before the actual exam, audition, recording, or a recital.
An instructor will provide a short, educational talk binding the selection of pieces together into a cohesive lecture.
This event is open to Virtuoso Suzuki Academy students only.
The enrollment is based on a first-come, first-served basis and with a private instructor’s permission.

Suzuki Festivals

The Virtuoso Suzuki Academy presents two Festivals a year for all instruments. Festival programs include group performances, chamber music and orchestra performances and occasionally feature solo.

Chamber Music Concerts

The importance of chamber music in students’ education cannot be overestimated. It teaches them how to hear themselves as others hear them, how to be objective, and how to hear the music all around them. It also teaches them how to adjust to their colleagues at all times. This is a very different experience from practicing or working alone.
The Chamber Music Program is a 6-week program culminating in a performance. The level, repertoire, and instructor will vary depending on the combination of instruments.

This program is open to all the students of the Virtuoso Suzuki Academy with prior knowledge of sight- reading skills.

Enrollment of non-Virtuoso Suzuki Academy students will be determined based on a placement audition.